Monday, April 1, 2013

Become A Mr Lens Affiliate & Earn Cash!

MrLens is the largest contact lenses distributor from Switzerland, an e-commerce site that sells quality & reputable contact lenses brand. To name a few, they carry Freshlook, Acuvue, Focus Dailies & Soflens. You may find contact lenses for daily, weekly, monthly or colored at an affordable price compared to retail outlets. Free shipping is given for orders to the Klang Valley. Today I would like to share how you can earn money by becoming an affiliate partner with MrLens. It's real easy and all you need to do is install banners & let the good times roll.

MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too! 

Affiliate Program

By becoming an affiliate partner with MrsLens you can start earning $$ via your website, blog or email. Your readers will click the banners which directs them to If they like what they see and make a purchase, you get up to 10% reimbursement of advertising costs! Everything else will be handle by MrLens and you can check your affiliate account to see how much you have earned. For more information click MrLens Affiliate Information.

Here's a tutorial guide on how to become an affiliate partner!

fill in your details, make sure they're right!
(otherwise your payment will be bank in wrongly)

get your swift code by clicking find a swift code
then scroll down to search for your bank

submit your form & you'll be registered!
click continue

here's your account overview (mine is empty haha)
click Banners to start installing a banner on your site

select the banner of your choice, copy the code

follow the instructions to paste in your blog
this is for blogspot, I'm not sure how wordpress works

place your gadget anywhere you want. After that, save and preview your blog to see the banner!

Congratulations! Now you have your very own money making machine in your blog and you can just sit back and relax. Leave me any inquiries if you need help! I'll try my best to answer. FYI MrLens will be giving away 2 boxes of Freshlook Colorblends (worth RM180) to every blogger who becomes an affiliate & blog about it. 
  • register to become an affiliate & place banner for a month to qualify
  • blog about the affiliate program
  • submit blog post link
  • a redemption code will be given to redeem the reward on MrLens
  • a camera lucky draw at the end of the campaign for a lucky blogger!

The campaign has started! You can join via the Rafflecopter app here or on Butterfly Project's Facebookpage. A few clicks and you're in! The campaign will end on 31/3 and MrLens will not accept anymore participation. After the campaign you'll be given a redemption code to pick your preferred Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses on and it'll be delivered to you free in the Klang Valley! For outstation you'll need to pay RM6 (WM) and RM10 (EW) to have the boxes delivered to you. Camera lucky draw to follow after *sweet*.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This contest is open to any bloggers in Malaysia only from today until 31/3/2013.
2. Become a MrLens affiliate just by registering Please read the terms & conditions to ensure you're well aware of how it works.
3. If you blog about the affiliate program you get a welcome gift from MrLens (2 Boxes of Freshlook Colorblends worth RM180, any color/power based on availability). Please ensure your affiliate banner stays min. 1 month to qualify! (anti-cheat security).
4. Welcome Gift code be emailed to you in after campaign ends, so you can go to MrLens to redeem your preferred Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses. Free shipping for those staying in the Klang Valley. Outstation needs to pay for posting RM6 - RM10. Please check shipping rates at No refunds or exchanges for this campaign.
5. BONUS! everyone who participates will be in the camera lucky draw to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2k.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year everybody!

Don't even know what to feel about the upcoming new year. The last time I had to face a new year I was, just like I do now, having problems in life that were bothering me. And because I was running out of time (we all were, weren't we) before the big new year's eve, I dumped all cliches of fixing the problems, making things right, having a clean slate and being ready to start all over again; and instead I drank my feelings at an overpopulated club counting down with the crowd to a "new beginning" that I honestly wasn't looking forward too much to.

As bad as my then problems sound like to me and to you now, I cannot believe that I can't remember what they were..! It should've been something pretty awful judging by the loss of my memory towards the end of that night, and the hangover while friends were detailing my own stories to me as I tried to withhold barf. So I seemed like I had a ton to drink for, but those problems are no longer problems, as far as I can remember. Hopefully that says something about my problems now in a year's time...

For 2013, I'm writing down no resolutions. Realised they are just stupid expectations that will make you wish you didn't set yourself up just to disappoint.

But I do have one wish - that 2013 is gonna be good to me. I had a good half year and the other half year wasn't as dandy. I quit my job, turned down a sweet offer; sometimes I wonder why I did but I did anyway. I just ventured into something with nickels that I have left, I am so fresh (another word for freaking inexperienced) in it oftentimes I feel like all I can do is ogle at other people's success. I know there will be many more struggles to come, be it for this new tiny undertaking or even for beginning to find another job that is suitable. I guess, as long as I can learn something along the way, the effort will be worthwhile.

If you've made it up to here, (as much as I'm baffled why anybody would be interested in my stoopid life stories) I want to thank you for reading :). I've never been comfortable to show weaknesses or vulnerability to anybody, let alone in public. Ever more so after I read this something on Twitter, "Your problems could be another's pleasure, so stop tweeting all your problems!" I hated how dreadfully selfish that idea of somebody taking pleasure out of another person's troubles sounded like - but somehow I obviously thought it was a sound advice to encourage my tendency to be impersonal on my social media. I forgot how it could lead to other social problems, maybe not my problems, but somebody else's problems.

Let me put it this way. Have you ever had any friends on your Facebook or Twitter whose life, as suggested by their posts and pictures, just always seem perfect. All that ever happen to them are god-lucky stuff, luxurious meals and just never any real problems. I know we all would prefer to let people see us happy and smiling, but when overdone it just might make younger or maybe, more naive people get the wrong idea that shit only happens to them and not the rest of the world. I know I would if I didn't personally know a few friends who really do lead a life in the fast lane but at the same time have real problems to deal with too. And I know how my bf's extended family members thought his family must be making major and easy money just because his family could afford to send their children to a university in KL; when the fact was that we all depended on PTPTN a lot.

So if you're in my social circle and you've posted contents both glam and bland (foie gras and ikan bilis porridge, Ferrari and kancil, Chanel and Vincci; you get the idea haha), I wanna thank you for not making me feel all shitty about my very much imperfect life.

Enough ramblings. For one day before the new year settles in, I'm gonna allow myself to be carefree. And maybe you should too, be a worry wart another day. When I'm drinking and yelling "Happy New Year" tonight, I'm gonna make sure I get drunk for the right reasons this time <3

Happy New Year, xoxo

Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Current Skincare Product For The Eyes

Beautycode's Cell-Lift Advance Eye Complex

This will be a quick one (or maybe it won't). Got it and started using this eye gel without any high expectation or whatsoever. Two weeks ago I was spending some time with my family in my hometown and one of my aunts went to Cosway to make a quick run to stock up on some skincare.

She was telling me about Beautycode's Cell-Lift Advance line and how she's liking them, that they are cheap and work well for the price. I was pretty much sold when she reassuringly talked about how the formula in gel form is super lightweight and will not give me oil seeds under my eyes. Now, the thought of getting an eye cream had been lingering in my mind for some time, and visualisation of Bobbi Brown, or Kiehl's, or Origins somehow hadn't helped it happen.

Incidentally a promotion was going on at Cosway for this particular skincare line. My aunt picked up two skincare items also by Beautycode and I picked the eye gel, it was something like Buy 2 Get 1 or Get 3 for RM140++; all I know is that my share for the eye gel was only RM42! I was instantly stoked when I realised how little money I was paying for the eye gel (considering Kiehl's is one hundred and fifty Malaysian Ringgit!)

Product is made in Switzerland. The packaging is okay. I like anything that comes in a pump, which this does. The tiny golden beads in the clear gel give it a somewhat luxurious "feel" but they don't really come out through the pump! It's a shame for I thought I'd be able to fondle the beads, gently smash them into tiny orange flakes with my fingers before I apply them on and let the skin around my eyes absorb whatever it is that makes them look SO golden and nutritious, ya know? But no, they don't come out. Yet that's okay because the final verdict is that I like this eye gel. It does the job keeping my eye areas soft, plump and well-hydrated. No irritations, just a tad bit sticky right after application but it subsides completely after a couple of minutes :)

What I don't like is that it doesn't say what it does for my skin. It instructs as follows,
"Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning. Gently pat around the eye zone with fingertips, working from outer areas towards the bridge of nose." A list of the ingredients and a few lines of advice for caution ensue on the box, and pretty much nothing else.

I would have liked to know if this is an anti-aging product or what skin problems it is supposed to help with. Other than that, I thought this was a pretty good deal. Will recommend it as a basic hydrating eye product. You're probably not gonna see much improvement on eyebags and circles, but the hydration it provides is just lovely.

Ever tried anything from this line? What are your recommendations for a good eye cream/gel?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Urbane Bazaar at Subang First Mall!

Where was I heading for a sweet getaway? Hailed a taxi one late afternoon some time ago to catch a plane go shopping at Urbane Bazaar in Subang First Mall! Gorgeous day meeting new people and hanging out with more than several bloggers. It was a great day because it almost felt like treasure hunting during childhood... except that instead of going crazy after pieces of clues/maps, we were either enjoying succulent food, shopping or having facial at each stop.

My first stop was Coffee Chemistry Signature where we got to try out a couple of yet-to-be-debuted dishes. I was beyond excited to see salmon in one of the menus so needless to say the salmon baguette was my immediate favourite amongst all. Food was fresh and aromatic, and as if that's not enough to satisfy us - Ryan from Coffee Chemistry even made us special order coffee art. One minute there was the classic leaf design, next minute there were a mysterious girl, a teddy bear with three-dimensional nose tip, and even Hello Kitty! I also liked how they served these crisp and light beverages, Caroline ordered one and it's called Ice Lime Mint Juice.... So yum and healthy-smelling.

Smoked Salmon on Basil with Maltaise Topping Baguette 
 Miniature Beef Bacon Hand-roll
Ratatouille Bruschetta
Tuna on Basil & Mayo Topping Baguette
Teriyaki Marinated Chicken Skewer
Bloggers hard at work and 3D teddy bear coffee art aahhhh! X)

Ice Lime Mint Juice

My Kero and I!

Second stop was for some uh-mazing desserts. If you're ever at Subang First Mall, you have got to try out Sherlyn's Little Dream's soft, smooth, chocolate-oozing brownies. It's near one of the entrances, with bits of pink furnishing. They do cakes, tiramisu and cookies too, but imo their brownies really are their stars.

Alicia-approved brownie :)

Third stop: Shopping!! *squeallll* Plenty of stalls and vendors were selling clothes, accessories, bags, phone casings, pad/tab casings and some even sell books. I jumped right into accessories since.... erm, statement necklaces are kind of my weakness. Spent all my vouchers and money at this particular stall called Angelina Accessories. I don't know, they just had good taste in their selection. I definitely "clicked" with many of their necklaces, chokers, earrings and bracelets, but I managed to restrict myself to only three statement necklaces. And whenever I wear them I get compliments so that was a great buy, very happy with what I got that day :)

I got the one on right in jade green instead of maroon, pretty bold but looks good with anything!
Spot Arisa!

Fourth stop for me was a guasa facial at Skinzense. I was given the option to choose either a back massage or a guasa facial, and I went for the latter because I have an aunt who swears by guasa-ing her face as a nightly regime; and granted, she has the most ridiculously good skin anybody her age can have. Her skin is super fair and spotless with velvety texture and that "poreless" look, it's always luminous and glowy without being oily, and for a woman of her age, she still has better skin than I do. She's in her 30's and only uses eye makeup. Her friends rub her face to end up in awe that their fingers touch no powder from her skin.

So as you can imagine, I've been eyeing at an opportunity to try out guasa on my face but to no avail prior to this bazaar. Honestly, right after the guasa you won't feel/see any major difference, but I woke up next day to a good skin day. Refined pores, that luminosity that I talked about, and finer skin texture - it made me want to get myself a guasa kit. Seriously if you can recommend any brand that makes a good facial guasa kit, hit me up! Skinzense has a set from Cosmecnique priced at about RM1,500, which I'm sure is lovely but obviously out of my budget; my aunt suggests Elken (RM200++) but I intend to take more options into consideration as well.

Cosmecnique guasa kit available at Skinzense, the serum has gold flecks in it that you probably can't see from this picture
Environment at Skinzense Subang First Mall was great

Last stop! A colourful pep talk for my gloomy nails. Back when I was a sophomore in uni, I used to be a big nail person. I did my own nails every few days and each time that I applied nail polish I made sure I gave them a wow effect with new designs and all that jazz. What can I say, learning materials are plenty on Youtube. And somehow that fizzle had died down... and so to have a proper mani and pedi again at My Love Nails made me feel really good about myself. *shy grin* I got sparkly deep pink on my toes and apple red on my fingers, reds are obviously my fav nail colours in case you haven't noticed.

It was funny how before I left I was already thinking about ways to come here with my boyfriend. We don't drive, we hail taxis everyday so it could be a little difficult/rare to get us both from Old Klang Road to Subang First Mall. But overall I thought this bazaar was a great fun, they happen every first and last week of the month, on Thursdays and Fridays only, from 12pm to 10pm. Lucky you Subang-ers, I'd really like my boyfriend to try that brownie and maybe grab a brunch together at Coffee Chemistry, and say that he agrees with me how deliciousss the foods are.

Till then, xoxo